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This is a directory of Civil War Rosters/Muster Rolls that have been found on the internet. Since only 50-60% of all rosters are on the internet, some units will not be listed. If you find a roster that is not listed, please forward URL to me and I will gladly add it.

NOTE: If you can't find your unit or regiment on these pages, please check the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors page.
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To add information (correct name, add soldier information, etc.) to these pages, please contact by email the webmaster of that unit page. Email addresses should be found on each unit page. Thanks.

  1. 1860-1865: City of Barnestown, Georgia
  2. 1889 Roster of ex-Soldiers and Soldiers Widows in Lincoln County, KS [includes states of CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, OH, NY, PA, TN, VT, WI, WV, US Regiment, and Vet. Reserve Corp]
  3. 1890 Veterans Census for Northern Virginia - 1890 Veterans Census of Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford Counties Listing of soldiers/sailors from US Infantry, US Artillery, Navy, and states of CA, CT, DC, IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MN, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI, WV, Washington; other titles of Surgeons, Inspector General, US Inf., Chaplin Hospital; includes many names without state identification or units.
  4. 1906 Veteran Census -Montgomery County, GA.
  5. 1906 Confederate Veterans and Widows Enumeration for DeSoto County, MS. [includes states of AL, AR, GA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN and VA]
  6. 1907 Census or Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers residing in the State of Alabama - Baldwin County
  7. 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers - Fayette County, Alabama
  8. 1907 Census or Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers residing in the State of Alabama - Washington County
  9. 1910 Civil War Veterans for DeSoto County, MS. [Soldiers are listed by name, place of birth, and service. List includes states of AL, AR, GA, IL, KY, LA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA; also birth place of Germany and Hungary]
  10. 1911 Enumeration of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Widows of Deceased Soldiers - Parish of Lincoln
  11. Alabama Civil War Roots - Non-Alabama Units with Alabama Ties
  12. Atlanta Campaign Confederate Order of Battle
  13. Atlanta Campaign Union Order of Battle
  14. Atlanta Campaign Offical Records and Battle Description
  15. Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska - Military Rosters This website is well worth looking at. It names the Veterans residence as well as their nationality and in some cases where buried. Of the first 3 pages I came up with more states and countries than I can list here. Nationalities of Canada, Prussia, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, England, Luxemboug, Switzerland, Wales, and more.
  16. Archer's Brigade
  17. Archer's Brigade Monument - Commander Brig. General James J. Archer
  18. Bacon County Veterans
  19. Battle of Pickett's Mill, Georgia
  20. Battles of the American Civil War
  21. Brooks County Military
  22. Butts County Civil War Records
  23. Capers Battalion, Georgia Militia
  24. Civil War Battles by State
  25. Civil War Forum by [If you are not familiar with Genealogy.Com check out their main web page - so many topics, family names, states and more.
  26. Civil War Ghosts - Maryland Battlefield Images
  27. Civil War in Rabun Co., GA.
  28. Civil War Mysteries: Home of the Unknowns
  29. Civil War Order of Battle Confederate - Army of Northern Virginia
  30. Civil War Photos
  31. Civil War Photographs: Confederate
  32. Civil War Veterans Confederate States Army with Family ties to Dodge Co., GA.
  33. Clarke County Georgia Military Artillery (Troup/Capt Stanley"
  34. Clarke-Oconee Genealogical Society Online Resources Military Records
  35. Cobb's Legion Cavalry Battalion - Army of Northern Virginia Cavalry - Georgia Troopers - Company H - Athens, Georgia
  36. Coffee County, Georgia Civil War Veterans
  37. Confederate Muster Rolls
  38. Confederate Parole Records
  39. Colquitt County Military
  40. Confederate Deaths, Vicksburg Hospitals, June and July 1863 Includes states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee
  41. Dade County Confederate Pension Applications
  42. Dooly County Civil War Rosters
  43. Dougherty County Civil War Rosters
  44. Ex-Confederates Organize Paul Anderson Camp in Marianna, 1896 [list includes soldiers from numerous states]
  45. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Savannah, Georgia - Immortal Six-Hundred
  46. Francis W. Quarles, Co. E, 8th Georgia Infantry
  47. Garvin County, Wynnewood, OK Confederate Monument [Veteran list includes the states/units of AL, AR, AZ, GA, KY, LA, OK, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA, Cado Indian Battlation, Palmetto Sharpshooters, Chickasaw Battalion, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Choctaw & Chickasaw Mounted Rifles]
  48. Garvin County, OK Civil War Soldiers [solider list includes numerous states/units]
  49. Georgia Civil War Confederacy Regiments Military Records
  50. Georgia Genealogy Liberty County Georgia Databases
  51. Georgia Genweb Archives - Military Records
  52. Georgia Hussars 1861-1865 Chatham County
  53. Georgia Seige Artillery
  54. Georgia Units in the Civil War
  55. Georgia Washington Artillery
  56. Gordon County, GA Civil War Soldiers by CensusDiggins
  57. Grand Army of the Republic Death Rolls Books [advertisement] includes states of AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, Dakota Territory, DE, District of Columbia, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE Territory, NE, NH, NJ, NM Territory, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RH, TN, VT, VA, WV, WI, US Army, USCT, US Navy, Veterans Reserve Corp.
  58. Great Locomotive Chase (Andrews Raiders) by Find-A-Grave. [includes the states of CA, GA, IA, IL, KS, MO, NY, OH, TN, TX, WV]
  59. Gwinnett County Civil War Units
  60. Hanover Dragoons: Our Ancestors
  61. The Home of Barton-Stovall's Georgia Infantry Brigade
  62. Index to Georgia Civil War Soldiers
  63. Indiana State Library Civil War Soldier Photograph Exhibit: Non-Indiana Soldiers by States of GA, IL, OH, PA and WI.
  64. Jackson Artillery
  65. Lawton-Gordan-Evans Brigade
  66. Local Names for Georgia Civil War Units
  67. Madison County, GA
  68. Marion County, Georgia Civil War Troops
  69. Montgomery County - Pensioners
  70. My Fayette County, GA Headstone Project Permission to add to this list given by Mr. Edward Lanham
  71. Muscogee County, Georgia; Randolph County, Alabama - Iron Works Battalion Whiteside's Naval Batt'n, GA Inf. (Local Defense)
  72. Order of Battle Army of Tennessee C.S.A., Gist's Brigade
  73. Orphan's Brigade
  74. Phillips Georgia Legion Infantry Battalion
  75. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company A - The Green Rifles
  76. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company B - The Dalton Guards
  77. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company C - The Habersham Volunteers or The Habersham Rifles
  78. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company D - The Polk Rifles
  79. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company E - The Blue Ridge Rifles
  80. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company F - The Lockrane Guards
  81. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company L - The Blackwell Volunteers
  82. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company M - The Denmead Volunteers
  83. Phillips Legion Infantry, Company O - The Marietta Guards
  84. Phillips Legion Infantry, Companies B, D, E, F, L, and M
  85. Pulaski County Civil War Units
  86. Randolph County GAGenWeb Military
  87. Regimental Nicknames
  88. Rosters of Confederate Units in Houston County, GA
  89. Roswell Battalion
  90. Roswell Guards
  91. Stone's River Order of Battle (Confederate)[numerous units listed]
  92. Sumter County Confederate units 1861-1865
  93. Sumter Artillery Roster - Company A and Company B, 11th Battalion Georgia Volunteer Artillery, Americus, Ga.
  94. Troup's Artillery
  95. Troup Artillery Excellent website with history, roster, and more.
  96. Troup Artillery (Also known as Cobb Legion Artillery)
  97. Troup County Archives
  98. Union County Civil War Units
  99. United Daughters of the Confederacy, San Diego - Stonewall Jackson Chapter 476
  100. USIGS Books OnLine Index [Military Links State Index]

  101. Colonel James H. Fannin and the 1st Georgia Reserves
  102. 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry, USA
  103. 1st Georgia Regiment, CO. C
  104. 1st Georgia Cavalry, CO. E
  105. 1st Georgia Infantry, USA
  106. 2nd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry
  107. 2nd Georgia Cavalry - Company G - C. S. A. Terrell, Sumter, Marion, Lee, Dougherty, Baker, Calhoun, Stewart Counties, Georgia
  108. 3rd Regiment Georgia Reserves
  109. 3rd Regiment Georgia Reserves Co. H
  110. 3rd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army Northern Virginia
  111. 3rdRegiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CO. E.
  112. 4th Georgia Cavalry Also a place to add your veteran's name....
  113. 4th Georgia (Clinch's) Cavalry
  114. 4th Georgia (Clinch's) Cavalry, CSA History
  115. 4th Georgia (Clinch's) Cavalry
  116. 4th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. E
  117. 4th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. K
  118. 5th Georgia Regiment - CO. M
  119. 5th Georgia Cavalry
  120. 5th Regiment - Company F - Georgia Volunteer Infantry - Army Northern Virginia - C. S. A. - Randolph County, Georgia - "Cuthbert Rifles"
  121. 6th Regiment, Georgia Militia, Company H Muster Roll, Butts County
  122. 6th Georgia Regiment - CO. D
  123. 6th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, CSA, Field and Staff Officers - Dade County, GA.
  124. 6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. B "Lookout Dragoons", Dade County, GA.
  125. 6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. C "Beauregard Volunteers"
  126. 6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. G
  127. 7th Georgia Regiment, State Troops - CO. C Powers Rifles
  128. 8th Georgia, CSA, Co. G, Historical Sketch
  129. 8th Georgia Infantry Companies A-K
  130. 8th Georgia Battalion Volunteers, Co. A, Roster
  131. 8th Georgia Regiment, State Guards, Co. A
  132. 8thGeorgia Cavalry, Co. G
  133. 8th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  134. 9thGeorgia Infantry Regiment CSA
  135. 9thGeorgia Infantry Regiment CSA
  136. 10thBattalion Georgia Infantry
  137. 11th Georgia Artillery Battalion (The Sumter Flying Artillery)
  138. 11th Battalion Georgia Infantry - Army of Tennessee - C. S. A. - Randolph County, Georgia - "Randolph Light Guards"
  139. 11th Regiment - Company I - Georgia Volunteer Infantry - Army Northern Virginia - C. S. A. - Quitman and Randolph Counties, Georgia - "Quitman Greys"
  140. 11th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
  141. 11th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Co. G
  142. 11th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CO. H
  143. 11th Georgia Regiment Co. K "Houston Volunteers"
  144. 11th Georgia Regiment Infantry, Co. K "Houston Volunteers"
  145. 12th Battalion Light Artillery
  146. 12th Georgia Battalion, Co. A "Newnan Artillery"
  147. 12th Georgia Battalion, Co. B
  148. 12th Georgia Battalion, Co. C
  149. 12th Georgia Battalion, Co. D
  150. 12th Georgia Battalion, Co. E
  151. 12th Georgia Battalion, Co. F
  152. 12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. A, CSA
  153. 12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. D "Calhoun Rifles"
  154. 12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company F [Re-enactment Group, also includes History and Roster]
  155. 13th Georgia Cavalry - CO. K, C.S.A.
  156. 13th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. E
  157. 13th Regiment - Company E - Georgia Volunteer Infantry - Evan's Brigade Gordons Division - Army Northern Virginia - C.S.A. - Randolph adn Terrell Counties, Georgia - "Randolph Volunteers"
  158. 14th Infantry, Co. F and 48th Infantry, Co. F
  159. 14th Battallion, Georgia Light Artillery
  160. 14th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company I Muster Roll
  161. 14th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. A
  162. 14th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. B
  163. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment
  164. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment - Field and Staff
  165. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. A - Wilkes County Delphi Rangers
  166. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. B - Franklin County Tugalo Blues
  167. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. C - Elbert County Fireside Guards
  168. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. D - Taliaferro County Stephen Home Guards
  169. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. E - Hancock County Volunteers
  170. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. F - Elbert County Bowman Volunteers
  171. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. G - Lamar County Confederates
  172. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. H - Hart County Pool Volunteers
  173. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. I - Elbert County McIntosh Volunteers
  174. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment Co. K - Hancock County Confederate Guards
  175. 16thRegiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry - Field, Staff, Band
  176. 16thRegiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company A (surnames A-L)
  177. 16thRegiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company A (surnames M-W)
  178. 16thRegiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company B
  179. 16thRegiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company C
  180. 20thGeorgia Infantry
  181. 20thGeorgia Infantry Regiment
  182. 20thBattalion Georgia Cavalry, Co. A, CSA
  183. 21stGeorgia Infantry, CO. H
  184. 22ndGeorgia Volunteer Infantry
  185. 22ndGeorgia Heavy Artillery, CO. A
  186. 22ndBattalion Georgia Heavy Artillery, CO. A, CSA
  187. 22ndGeorgia Infantry
  188. 23rdRegiment Georgia Infantry - CO. G - Cherokee County
  189. 25thGeorgia Volunteer Infantry
  190. 26th Georgia Infantry Battalion
  191. 26th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. D "Ware Guards"
  192. 26th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. H "Forest Rangers"
  193. 26th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. L "Wiregrass Minutemen"
  194. 27th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  195. 27th Georgia Volunteer Infantry - CO. F
  196. The 28th Georgia / 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry - Resaca, Georgia



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